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FAQ Categories
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Website Services

Commonly asked questions about Website services from Corfun.

  • Am I tied to Corfun if you build my site?
  • Can I manage my own site?
  • Do you do Webhosting?
  • Does Corfun only build certain kinds of Websites?
  • How much does a Website cost from Corfun?
  • I want help managing my site - can you do that?
  • What can a Website from Corfun do?
  • What do you need to build a Website?
  • What is FTP?

Online Fundraising

Commonly asked questions about our online fundraising services.
  • Does CorFun help market my store?
  • How do I sign-up?
  • How does my organization get paid when patrons order merchandise?
  • My organization already has local vendor can we stil use CorFun?
  • What payment systems and vendors do you recommend?
  • What will it cost my organization to register with CorFun?

Joomla Content Managment System

Here are some frequently asked questions about our primary Website development tool - Joomla!
  • Can you import users into Joomla to build a membership base?
  • How do you log in to the administrator area for Joomla?
  • Why would I let people register for my site?

eCommerce and Payments

Questions about selling products, memberships, tickets to events, or gathering donations/payments.
  • Are other payment options available besides PayPal standard and
  • Can I sell subscriptions to my site?
  • Do I need an SSL certificate?

Newsletters and Email Marketing

Questions about managing mailing lists and marketing on the Web.
  • Can I use my website to send eNewsletters?
  • Do you have to register with my site to get on my mailing list?
  • How big can my mailing list be?
  • How can I have a custom thank-you page for people who register for my newsletter?
  • How do people sign up for my mailing lists?
  • How many mailing lists can I have?
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